Even though changing the oil in a vehicle is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to look after your vehicle and improve its importance, many people overlook the importance of an oil change and how it affects your vehicle. Changing your old oil for fresh, clean oil is essential to maintaining your vehicle and your oil is just as important your vehicle as the brakes are. Spending a few bucks with Ewald Auto Service Center in Milwaukee can help save you thousands in repairs in the long run. 

The Essential Roles of Oil
Many people know that oil is important to their vehicle, but don't know exactly what oil does for you. Your engine oil performs three main functions that help keep your vehicle alive and running. The first and one of the most important things that your oil does is lubricate the many individual components of your engine to allow it to run smoothly and efficiently. Your oil also helps keep your engine from overheating by helping it stay cooler, this is done by taking heat away from the combustion chamber. The last thing that oil will do is to help prevent carbon and varnishes from building up inside the engine. 

When Should You Change It?
The usual recommendation for oil changes is typically based off of a certain amount of mileage you have traveled, or after some time has passed. Here at Ewald's Auto Service and Parts in Milwaukee, we believe that mileage is more important to consider than time easily, and this is due to the fact the driving around causes more wear and tear on your vehicle than just sitting around does. There are also a few other things to consider as well, such as towing a trailer, or driving where there is a lot of dust and sand, and even extreme heat. Just to be safe, we recommend that you change your oil every 3,000 miles so that you can avoid the many other problems that can arise from unchanged, dirty oil. When it comes to getting your oil changed in Milwaukee, you can't go wrong with the Milwaukee Car Service Center at Ewald's Automotive Group.

What Happens When You Neglect Your Oil?
The risks that arise when you neglect to change your oil are severe, and if you continue to neglect your oil you can cause some severe damage to your vehicle. When you continue to drive with dirty oil, the first thing that will happen is that your engine will start to accumulate debris and gunk in the cooler parts of your engine, hindering its efficiency. Fixing this is expensive, as it requires an engine cleaning, and you can even wear out the piston rings. If continued to be untreated, the pistons in your engine could eventually seize up, and the camshafts could even become damaged, which will entail a steep bill to repair. After seeing how much it costs to repair that kind of damage you will wish you had simply just gotten an oil change. 

You can avoid all of these damages and high cost repairs easily with a simple oil change, which you can have done quickly and cheaply with Ewald. Ewald Milwaukee Parts and Service center is committed to providing excellent service, and it is out promise to have your oil change done in 45 minutes or less. In addition to our speedy oil change, we will also throw in a free top up of all your fluids, as well as a free car wash, so come to Ewald Automotive Group today and schedule an oil change before all those costly repairs start adding up!