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Save on Brakes with Ewald's Hartford Ford

Ewald's Hartford Ford Makes it Easy to Save on Brakes

You should always be aware of the condition of your brakes, instead of waiting until you hear screeching and experience less effective stopping. When you experience these things it is a good indication that your brakes are getting dangerously close to failing altogether. You can tell when you vehicles pads are becoming to worn and need replacement when you experience vibrations or pulling to one side while stopping. You should replace these brake pads as soon as possible, as continuing to drive around on them can cause further damage to your vehicle. New brake pads on their own are very cheap to buy and replace, but when you put it off and cause extra damage to your car you will find it becomes very expensive very quickly.

Your brakes are just as critical a component of your car as your engine is, and deserves the same attention and care. Your brakes do much more than just help you stop, they also help you keep control over your vehicle in conditions like slippery roads, and help you prevent slipping and sliding during the rainy months. You may believe that your tires are what prevents slips and slide, but that is only partly true, as your brakes also matter a great deal in preventing slips and slides. Even if you change your brakes when you are supposed to, you can still end up having unforeseen damage to your vehicle. Trying to replace your pads on your own is completely possible, but you may not know what you are doing, and you may not spot signs of additional damage. So even though you have new brake pads, if you have unnoticed additional damage you will be spending more in the long run on more frequent pad replacements. That is why when you replace your brakes you need to make sure that everything that is damaged is replaced. Thankfully all you need is to stop in to Ewald’s Auto Service Center, where you can have your brakes treated professionally.

There are many additional parts to your brake system, but one of the most confusing is the brake pad itself because it comes in many different materials. Usually brake pads are made of ceramic or metallic. For smaller cars you will probably want ceramic brake pads, as they produce less brake dust, which can cause squealing and slipping. Ceramic pads however are not ideal for heavier cars, as well as trucks, as they can create a lot of noise. Semi-Metallic brake pads are better for larger vehicles, as they have better temperature fade resistance and much better friction than ceramic brake pads. If you are having trouble deciding which is best for your vehicle, then Ewald’s Auto Parts and Service Center in Milwaukee can help guide you through the entire process.

The condition of your brakes is not a matter that should be taken lightly, they affect the performance and safety of your vehicle. However, replacing your brakes all on your own can be a hassle to do, so save yourself the trouble and come to Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center where you can have your vehicle serviced by professionals. Visit today and have the peace of mind knowing that your brakes are in proper working order.