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Ford Dealership Service

It happens for every driver sooner or later. It is simply part of the responsibility of owning a vehicle. Eventually, you will need to perform maintenance, or even repairs, on your vehicle. For many drivers, this can feel like a huge exhausting chore to do, and not many look forward to this task. Thankfully, Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Ford Service Center is here to help those in need. At Ewald's Hartford Ford, you will find that we are much more than your average Ford dealership. We strive to meet the automotive needs of drivers everywhere, including vehicular service. For over fifty years, Ewald's Hartford Ford has provided drivers with excellent Ford dealership service. For over fifty years, we have helped drivers get what they need, from great deals to oil changes and more. From our great selection of vehicles for sale to our amazing Ford Service Center, we are prepared to meet your automotive needs. At Ewald's Hartford Ford, we are passionate about our vehicles and about the drivers we serve. We will serve you with that very same passion and drive, giving you the care and respect that you deserve. When quality is what you want, whether in vehicles for sale or in automotive service, Ewald's Hartford Ford is where you will find it. Stop by Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Ford Service Center today and find out why hundreds of drivers trust us to fulfill their automotive needs. 


Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Milwaukee service center is where you can have your vehicle serviced top to bottom. At Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Ford Service Center near you, we can offer drivers a full range of automotive maintenance. Having your vehicle routinely and properly maintained is plays a vital role in the health, performance, and longevity of your vehicle. From oil changes to tire rotations and more, our Ford dealership service can easily help you keep your vehicle in top shape. We make it easy to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle serviced, allowing you to choose a time and date that is convenient for you. Drivers having their vehicle serviced can relax in our comfortable lounge area. Or, drivers may return at a later time to pick up their vehicle. Drivers can even take advantage of our great Ford service coupons, helping you save cash while still having your vehicle serviced. Check out our Milwaukee service center near you today, and discover what we can offer you.


From bodywork and collision repair to brake changes and more, Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Ford Service Center is more than ready to meet your automotive needs. You can put your trust in our certified automotive technicians to give your vehicle the care that it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Visit Ewald's Hartford Ford and our Ford dealers near you today to see what we can offer you. We have built a legacy of quality and service over many decades, and we will be happy to share that legacy with you.

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