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You need to get yourself a gift for getting through a busy summer, right? With road trips and active running around, it’s taken a toll on you and your current vehicle. For some reason,  we have this thought that we don’t get the dream cars that we want until later in the future. When we have more money or have settled down, we think when we have more time to search for ourselves, we’ll start looking for our dream car. We don’t want anyone to put away the dreams of having their favorite car because of small issues. It doesn’t have to budgetary, or because the sales associates you talk to won’t listen to what you want. We don’t want you to give on finding used cars for sale near Richfield, WI. We didn’t have to settle for our dreams, and we’re here to make sure you don’t have to. Come to Ewald Hartford Ford in Hartford, WI. We have a wide selection of used cars for sale near you, and one of them could be your dream car!

Cars For Sale Near Richfield, WI

When you come to us, as your reliable Richfield car dealers, we take on the responsibility of customer service. We take pride in our extensive selection of used cars. We want to use that as a tool to help you leave with your new vehicle as soon as possible! To expand a more on our inventory of used cars in Richfield, WI, we’ll show you about a couple of our available options. One of our trendy sedan designs is our Ford Taurus. It’s a four-door, large passenger car with seating for five. It has a six-speed automatic transmission and has excellent gas mileage. Most of our used cars for sale near you have had one past owner and absolutely no accidents. We offer you high-quality used vehicles as your car dealership near Richfield, WI. Another more significant vehicle option is our  SUV Ford Explorer XLT. The Escape is a four-wheel-drive Sport Utility vehicle and has many desired features by other Wisconsin drivers. It has a third-row seat for that little bit of extra space and rear air conditioning.

We are so lucky to give you a great selection of cars for sale in Richfield, WI, for you. Customer service is our number one priority, and that is why we offer custom orders for parts if you don’t see a car with all the features you want. We have everything from power sunroofs to lift kits and everything between those. Our experienced service team is ready to help you if you have any issue after you drive away in your new car.

Finding a used car for sale near you got more comfortable with our team of experts to walk alongside you and make this process easy! From answering your first questions to sign papers and seeing you drive off our lot, we are here for it all. We can’t wait to see you walk in our doors and test drive your dream car soon!

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