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Wisconsin Ford Truck Dealers

Have you spent tons of time looking for high-quality trucks? Do you need one for your work? Browsing countless online inventories and doing online research to find what truck is best for you. Does it stress you out to find something that works for your business? There are tons of options, and sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Especially when you need to find used trucks for sale near you, say goodbye to the stress! There are Wisconsin Ford dealers near you that want to help, and it’s us! We have an experienced team ready to answer your questions. We have used trucks for sale near you. Being a working adult is hard. There are complications with long work hours and finding the right transportation.

We are confident that whenever you stop by, you will find whatever you need from your work truck! When it comes to details the Ford F-150’s are built to last through the toughest jobs. For some people, it’s about the gadgets and compatibility, while for others it’s more about how much weight the trucks can pull and move. Or maybe you’re looking for something fun to drive off-road. Say no more, let’s start talking about some options!

Kinds of Trucks for Sale in Hartford, WI

Whether you’re looking for a truck for work or pleasure, Ewald Hartford Ford has a wide selection of used Ford F-150’s for sale! Ford F-150’s have 6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive for roads and rough paths. These are also lifesavers when it comes to fuel! They have impressive city and highway gas mileage for all kinds of use. The navigation system will get you everywhere you need. You will be able to jam along the way with their Sony audio set up on the inside! No matter how much dirt gets tracked into your truck, it’s bound to be an easy cleanup thanks to the smooth leather interiors. You can also adjust the pedals, so you fit comfortably! Perhaps you need a little more power than most? Have you ever heard of the Ford Raptor? The Ford F-150 Raptor is sure to impress with its 4x4 and independent front suspension. It sure was made for off-roading with its terrain management system. You can tackle all sorts of terrain such as mud and sand, desert racing, rock crawling, or driving on the highway with clear skies. Finding used trucks for sale near you sounds a whole lot more fun now. The Raptor also has a different engine than it’s F-150 brother. Under the hood of this fun, the high-performance truck is a 3.5L EcoBoost 24-valve engine. This engine gives you an exciting 510lb.-ft. of torque and a whopping 450 horsepower! That’s a little more impressive than your standard pickup truck.

You won’t be disappointed by our selection and the quality of our trucks. We are your Wisconsin Ford truck dealers that are here to help. You can hop in the one that catches your eye and test drive it today. You’re always welcome to stop by and ask your questions about our selection. Our staff will be here to show you around. Leave your stresses behind and take a truck home with you today!

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