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Save on Batteries with Ewald's Hartford Ford

Ewald's Hartford Ford Makes it Easy to Save on Batteries

One of the most integral parts of any new or used vehicle is its battery, and if you have an old battery then listen up! If you have an old battery in your vehicle then you make it harder to start your car, adding unnecessary wear and tear in your vehicle. Not only that, but with an old battery you run the risk of serious problems such as corrosive battery acid leaks, and even battery explosion, both of which will cause serious damage to your vehicle. Ewald's Milwaukee Service Center will help you prevent all of that by helping you figure out what you need for your vehicle and teaching you about basic battery safety so you can get the right car battery in Milwaukee for you.

Made up of six cells, it is the batteries job to provide the power for your vehicle but time wears on and your battery begins to age, the cells within it will start to lose their juice and you can even end up with a drained cell, or a dead battery as many call it, leaving you stranded with no way to start your vehicle. There are even some more extreme cases where a battery can begin to leak a highly corrosive acid that will eat away most materials and damage your car, or even explode. When a battery leaks or explodes, you will need to fix a long list of other things from the damage, which means spending even more.

Things will become even more challenging once the weather becomes more frigid, as your battery’s speed and efficiency with which it works is significantly decreased, and that means when you have a low battery or dead cells you could very easily wind up stranded out in the cold, unable to start your vehicle. This is one of the biggest reasons why Ewald's Milwaukee Auto Service Center recommends having your battery checked out as soon as the weather starts to drop, that way you can replace your battery ahead of time before the cold winter weather hits.

Time will also drain your battery of its power, regardless of whether or not you have used it at all. So when getting a vehicle that has been sitting around for a few months up and running, it is wise to get your battery serviced, which you can do at any of Ewald’s Auto Service Centers in Milwaukee, that way you can ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. There are many reasons why your vehicle may not start or may have trouble starting, in some cases it may be your alternator, dead cells, or something else, but all too often it is simply the battery beginning to run low. They only way to know is to get it checked at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center.

There is nothing wrong with having your vehicle check out, but if you prefer to replace your battery on your own then you should be aware of the risks involved. If you are going to replace your battery all on your own, then you should know how to spot the early warnings of corrosion, leaks, and how to tell which post is which on the battery. Ewald's Service Center in excellent Milwaukee will take care of the entire battery replacement process for you, doing all the work while you sit back and relax. We will even help you find the battery that is right for your needs, as browsing through the varying types and brands of batteries can often be confusion, and our Lifetime Guarantee on Milwaukee batteries means you and your vehicle can always have a reliable batter. So schedule an appointment at Ewald’s Milwaukee Car Service Center, to have them replace your battery and service your car.